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About Holiable

Sustainable tourism made easy

Holiable is a travel planning website dedicated to sustainable tourism and responsible travel.

We help travellers organise their own eco-friendly holidays and allow them to find green hotels, locavore restaurants and ethical tourism activities that are involved in sustainable travel.

Search among a selection of lodgings, restaurants and activities and learn what they do to help you travel with a positive impact.

We index tourism businesses for all travel styles.

Whether you are in the mood to travel in a famous eco-tourism destination, to go on a city break, or a cycling holiday, or just want to find an environmentally friendly place to eat close from home.

On Holiable, you can get detailed information on what makes a tourism business a sustainable travel experience.

Learn what their initiatives are to preserve the environment, protect the local culture and heritage, and how they have an impact on the local economy and communities.

Are you looking for a hotel using renewable energy, an eco-lodge helping the local community, a restaurant that serves organic or vegan food, or a way to visit a city with a limited carbon footprint?

We list each businesses’ eco-credentials in an easy way, so you can identify what makes them an eco-friendly place to visit.

In addition to the listings’ green features, we give you a detailed description of what to expect, how to access them, as well as useful information to prepare your trip.

You can also read reviews from other climate-conscious travellers, who visited before you and leave your own opinion to help others choose.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can contact the owners directly to book your next eco-friendly holiday.

Holiable is also a website to share useful information on what sustainable travel is. Our news section guides travellers through articles about sustainable tourism and tips on how to travel with a positive impact.

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