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Asia – the future of sustainable tourism?

With a population of over 4.5 billion and 50 countries, there are countless opportunities for sustainable travellers or ecotravels fans on this continent, sometimes with surprises in store.

If you are looking for an accommodation, a restaurant, or an activity that meets the criteria of the responsible traveller that you are, make your choice easier with Holiable and its selection of eco-friendly tourism businesses.

Our opinion on sustainable travel in Asia :

Asia has its share of surprises in store for you. If you are not at least used to travelling by your own means, you will need a solid organisation to be able to meet your expectations as a responsible traveller.

Accommodations :

Eco-friendly advice

  • Book your accommodation in advance.
  • Prepay your hotel or guest house whenever possible.
  • Check the veracity of the comments here and there (good news, that’s what we’re here for)
  • Respect the sustainable practices of the place in which you are staying.
  • Remember that excellence levels differ between regions of the world (you could have very good surprises, or vice-versa)
  • Enjoy!

Food & Drink businesses:

What we recommend to sustainable travellers:

  • try to eat local (even after 3 weeks of rice).
  • prefer local restaurants to large chains.
  • A local restaurant crowded with tourists is rarely a good sign.
  • A drummer even less
  • Make sure you know the price before ordering.
  • Look what others eat (could make your choice easier).
  • Be conscious it may be difficult to find organic/vegan/gluten-free products (but it’s getting much better).
  • Taste and enjoy.

Activities :

Good ecotourism things to know:

  • As in Europe avoid amusement parks in their great majority (Wild animals exploitation, fake local villages and other tourist traps)
  • As in Europe, get off the beaten path.
  • As in Europe discover the local heritage (cultural, gastronomy, traditions, “all you can think of’)
  • As in Europe get carried away by your discoveries
  • As in Europe, bring back countless memories, leave nothing but footprints