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Sustainable travel in Mandalay region

Mandalay Region is the most central part of Myanmar. It is one of the most populated areas of the country and represents 15% of the economy of Myanmar.

It is also the region where most tourism occurs. In addition to the famous city of Mandalay, the area counts many ancient capitals like Bagan, Ava and Amarapura and other exciting spots to visit like Pyin U Lwin and Mount Popa.

The region is a highly agricultural area, and it also counts a few mines

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Mandalay Region Highlights

Mandalay region is a destination where most foreign visitors stop, to see the ancient imperial city of Bagan.

The region is a nice blend of destinations for eco-friendly travellers:

  • If you like big cities, Mandalay is a good pic. Although it may seem of no interest at first, there are a few pagodas that are worth a cultural stop. Our favourite: Paya Mahamuni and Mandalay Hill
  • Bagan should not be missed, but try getting out of the crowded temples to have a more authentic experience of this archaeological zone
  • Mount Popa, a high pilgrimage site in Myanmar is a sacred mountain. It will take you 777 steps to get to the top

Eco-friendly lodging in Myanmar

Sleeping responsibly in Mandalay region

  • , Make sure you book an accommodation owned by locals
  • Check the sustainable principles of the residence you are staying at and make sure you respect them during your stay
  • Read reviews of sustainable travellers that went there before you, find them here
  • All accommodation owners will register your passport upon check-in, make sure you get it back
  • Don’t forget to relax

Food and Drink

  • Myanmar has much diversity in its cuisine, taste it all
  • Always prefer eating in locally owned restaurants to benefit the local community
  • Make sure you are aware of the price of what you ordered before you order it; it will avoid any problems once you ask for the bill


  • In Myanmar and Bagan especially you might get tired of seeing pagodas for a while. In the region, to change a bit, go to the local markets, to discover the variety of foods in the region
  • Why not do a boat cruise on the river
  • Respect the do’s and don’ts:
    • Myanmar is a conservative country. Anyone should cover his or her knees and shoulders, especially in Pagodas and Temples. To avoid being surprised, buy a Longyi in the local market and have it handy at all times
    • Always ask the authorisation to take a picture of someone and never pay for the image, or you will encourage begging
    • It is quite common to be stopped in the street by teenagers for a photo. You’re allowed to say no, but always say it with a smile.
    • Never point the finger to show something as in most Asian countries.