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Sustainable Tourism in Thailand

Over the past decade, Thailand has become a major tourism destination in South East Asia.

Easily accessible, it’s extended possibilities of cultural tourism or leisure activities, make it a destination of choice for many travellers of the world;

Although Thailand today faces the effects of mass tourism, there are still authentic, remote places to visit, preserved from the crowds.

Many tourism businesses are working to preserve their destinations environment, culture to continue offering travellers an authentic vision of Thailand benefiting to the population and their economy.

On Holiable, we’ll help you find eco-friendly accommodation, sustainable restaurants or ethical tourism attractions, to prepare your travels in Thailand.

Eco-friendly travel advice for you trip to Thailand

Thailand is a great travel destination for eco-friendly travellers.

Travellers willing to relax in preserved natural areas, those fond of culture and temples, or the ones more into hiking in the jungle, will all find an activity or a destination fitting their needs.

Getting around in Thailand is easily done by train at reasonable prices.

Eco-friendly lodging

Our advice to book eco-friendly lodging in Thailand

  • Always prefer direct booking to participate in sustainable, fair tourism practices
  • Natural areas of the region, count numerous eco-friendly possibilities
  • Check the sustainable principles of the accomodation you are staying at and make sure you respect them during your stay
  • Read reviews of sustainable travellers that went there before you, find them here
  • Be aware that most homestays and hotels prices are stated without taxes

Food and Drink

Street food paradise

  • If you never heard of Pad Thai, it’s the occasion to taste it, but be aware that Thai street food is not limited to this famous noodle dish
  • Street food is very common in Thailand, and you’ll find hundreds of stalls to make your choice for dinner. The best way to immerse in the food culture of the country
  • Thai cuisine is suitable for all palates and diets, flexitarians to vegans will always find something to eat


Enjoying Thailand sustainably

  • The climate varies a lot, whether you are visiting the North or the South region, make sure to get information on the climate of the region you are visiting at the time of your travels
  • In Thailand, there are still un ethical activities happening with animals, always do your research before going to an animal sanctuary, and remember : “ride a bike, not an elephant”
  • Nature lovers will see there are countless possibilities, between National Parks, rice paddie fields, treks in the jungle or snorkelling activities in the islands
  • Be aware that the culture and etiquette of Thailand can be different from where you come from. As an example, shoulders and knees should stay covered in most temples (both for men and women)
  • As you would at home, bring back plenty of memories and leave nothing but footprints when you visit this South East Asia Treasure