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The capital of Thailand is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Built around the Chao Pray Delta, it is a vibrant, dynamic city with a touch of nature inside.

For what travel style

Discovering Bangkok will probably be a surprise if you have never stopped in South East Asia.

Visiting Bangkok without encountering traffic jams would probably not have the same “touch and feel” but you can avoid them, by using the public transportation, the metro and skytrain are easy and very traveller friendly.

Of course, you might want to experience the Tuk Tuk experience, but believe us, there are plenty of other places in Thailand where you can do that, with a little less traffic.

What you should not miss in Bangkok

  • Visiting temples until you drop. Bangkok counts mutliple temples, all more beautiful than the one you just came out of. Some of them are extremely popular, as much among travellers as among locals. But sometimes you can find little temples, hidden away from the crowds, that will give you a great view of what temples look like in the country. Remember that you should always cover your shoulders and knees in any temple you enter. Some temples, rent or lend clothes to allow you to get in.
  • Going to a market Street markets are abundant in Bangkok. Some of them are huge and you’ll find a variety of products, some are specialised in food or flowers.
  • Eat street food Anywhere, anytime
  • Visit the Klongs or use the Chao Praya express boat : Another great option in Bangkok to get from one place to another is the Express Boat. A real experience and a fun way to see another side of the city. You can also do boat tours in the Klongs, a great experience to watch life scenes of people living by the river
  • Head to a park Bangkok counts a lot of Parks. Great to walk, relax or have a pause from the hustle and bustle of the city.