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Phuc Trac – Getting Close to Nature

The district of Phuc Trac will allow you to enter the territory of the Phong Na Ke Bang National Park, and it’s countless adventure travel activities.

The region counts several small villages and larger little towns and is accessible through Dong Hoi airport or train station.

The most famous site in the area is the Phong Na Ke Bang National Park

This natural park was open in the early 2000’s and is the territory of endemic species.

The area is renown across the world for having some the planet’s largest dry and wet caves.

Most caves need to be visited with a guide and a lot of expedition tours are done in 2 or 3 days.

Some caves in the region have added zip lines and other fun activities over the river. These attractions are very popular in the weekends and during the dry season.

The district of Phuc Trac is also a great place to simply go for walks or bicycle tours in the countryside, to visit locals and have a taste of Vietnam in a slow way.

In this region, you’ll be able to ride on the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail, which was used by the Vietnamese army during the war.