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North Vietnam: Nature at it’s best

North Vietnam is a region of stunning landscapes and definitely a great choice if you love nature, hiking or meeting with local ethnic groups.

Looking for an eco-friendly accomodation, sustainable eatery or things to do with ethical travel businesses, you are in the right place.
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Northern Vietnam highlights

The Northern Vietnam region is easily accessible by train from Hanoi, which has the countries second international airport.

The region is very famous for it’s terrasse rice fields as well as the limestone peaks that start in the Along Bay but go all the way accross the country.

Northern vietnam is a region of many different mountain ethnic groups and small villages. The most famous destination in this mountainy region is Sapa which is the starting point for numerous treks and hikes in the region.

Eco-friendly lodging in North Vietnam

  • Homestays are very developed in the Northen region of Vietnam, a way to get closer to the local way of living
  • It is common to find three accomodations with exactly the same name, two of them ‘copying’the name of the first one to attract visitors.
  • If you are in a Homestay and decide to eat there, it’s good to know that prices can be negotiated
  • Check the sustainable principles of the accomodation you are staying at and make sure you respect them during your stay
  • Read reviews of sustainable travellers that went there before you, find them here
  • Most homestays and hotels prices are stated without taxes and require at least 30% payment in advance
  • All accomodation owners will register your passport upon check-in, make sure you get it back
  • Don’t forget to relax

Food and Drink

  • If you are looking for street food paradise, you are about to find it.
  • It is very common that restaurants only serve one specialty. To know what the restaurant offers, read the sign and you’ll know what’s on the menu
  • Make sure you are aware of the price of what you ordered before you order it, it will avoid any problems once you ask for the bill
  • Coffee is a big thing in Vietnam. Generally served with sweet milk and with ice cubes, but other special coffees are served like coconut cofee or egg coffee. If you’re just wanting a black coffee don’t forget to specify you want it hot or cold and with or without sugar

Activities in North Vietnam

  • The very North of the region is ideal for nature lovers and hiking through the rice terrasse fields.
    Our tip:If you are trekking and willing to visit mountain ethnical groups, make sure that the company you are working with has ethical standards. Numerous reports of “fake” ethnical group visits are arising as this is very popular in the region
  • Halong Bay:
    Unless you were living on Mars you have obviously heard about the Along Bay. If you choose to make a trip to Along Bay, be aware that the region has become very touristy, that cruise boats can be numerous in the bay during peak season and reports on the bay being polluted with plastic are numerous.
  • Urban travellers will be enchanted by the city of Hanoi. Do not miss the 36 street district, a visit to the markets and cultural visits in Vietnam’s cultural capital