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Hanoi – A vibrant city

Don’t miss a visit to the Capital of Vietnam on your next trip to South East Asia.

Between the Old quarter, the French district, it’s museums or it’s lakes, there’s a lot to do in Hanoi, whatever your travel style is.

For what travel style

Discovering Hanoi will probably be a surprise if you have never stopped in South East Asia.

As in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi is a paradise for motorbikes, and you might need a bit of practice to cross the streets on your first day in town.

During weekends, a lot of streets are closed and open only to pedestrians which give a different vision of the city.

What you should not miss in Hanoi

  • Visiting the Old Quarter and it’s 36 streets. Getting lost in the maze of the 36 streets is a great experience on its own. Each road represents a trade. Herbalists, Candles, Pots and Pans, in each street, you’ll see an alignment of shops selling the same products. A great tour that you can do on your own.
  • Drinking Vietnamese Coffee: The city counts hundreds of coffee shops where you can discover the most popular drink in the country. Whether you’re in for an ordinary black coffee or want to experience the more surprising recipes, no doubt you’ll find it in Hanoi.
  • Heading to the railway street: Hanoi has the particularity of having a street where the train passes by. The train passes twice a day in this very narrow street. An epic scene to watch, even if it has now become an “instagrammable” spot.