Bareburger – Jumeirah

Meatless burgers, local suppliers and more

Green Features

  • Farm to table
  • No plastic bottles
  • Organic food
  • Vegan friendly
  • Vegetarian friendly

Company Description

Bareburger Jumeirah is one of the three locations of Bareburger in Dubai. Known for serving bareburger’s and impossible food patties, Bareburger’s approach to food goes beyond serving plant-based options.

At the heart of this fast-good chain’s philosophy : work in close collaboration with local and sustainable farms and producers.

Over a third of the menu is plant-based or vegetarian but flexitarians can also find options to meet their diet preferences.

A lot of the ingredients served are organic and the restaurants are all designed with upcycled or recycled material, giving each location a unique touch.

Holiable's review of BareBurger Jumeirah


The mindset behind Bareburger® restaurants is to provide earth-friendly burgers for eco-friendly consumers.

Engaged in a locavore approach, all Bareburger®'s in the world work in close collaboration with local suppliers, so the burgers you’ll eat will be as local as possible

A big portion of the produce served are organic or natural.

We also liked the décor, that is made with a lot of upcycled material and furniture. That made us think that any bareburger in the world would offer a different look and feel.

What’s in my plate

Bareburger® is a fast-good burger joint for everyone.

30% of the menu is plant-based and gluten free options exist as well.

The choice of dishes is multiple, from free-range chicken sandwiches, salads to 100% vegan burgers.

That’s what we tried, and we must say we were quite impressed.

The Beyond Burger® is made with BeyondMeat®, which is 100% plant based, but looks and tastes like meat.

Between the color (coming from Beet), the juiciness and the taste, as a flexitarian, I can assure the wow effect is guaranteed even for meatlovers.

Not sure, someone who quit meat because they did not like the taste would like it though.

Our opinion

BareBurger® is a great place for those looking for an eco-friendly burger option. We loved the fact that they have options for everyone, support local producers everywhere in the world, and the beyond burger was a real discovery.

Who said plant-based burgers were boring? We definitely changed our sceptical mind after tasting it.

Recommended for : vegan friendly – locavore lovers – gluten free options

What could have been better: mineral water from New Zealand, why?

Holiable Review Based on our visit in: March 2019

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, - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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