Bareburger – Jumeirah

Meatless burgers, local suppliers and more

Green Features

  • Farm to table
  • No plastic bottles
  • Organic food
  • Vegan friendly
  • Vegetarian friendly

Our review of BareBurger Jumeirah


The mindset behind Bareburger® restaurants is to provide earth-friendly burgers for eco-friendly consumers.

Engaged in a locavore approach, all Bareburger®'s in the world work in close collaboration with local suppliers, so the burgers you’ll eat will be as local as possible

A big portion of the produce served are organic or natural.

We also liked the décor, that is made with a lot of upcycled material and furniture. That made us think that any bareburger in the world would offer a different look and feel.

What’s in my plate

Bareburger® is a fast-good burger joint for everyone.

30% of the menu is plant-based and gluten free options exist as well.

The choice of dishes is multiple, from free-range chicken sandwiches, salads to 100% vegan burgers.

That’s what we tried, and we must say we were quite impressed.

The Beyond Burger® is made with BeyondMeat®, which is 100% plant based, but looks and tastes like meat.

Between the color (coming from Beet), the juiciness and the taste, as a flexitarian, I can assure the wow effect is guaranteed even for meatlovers.

Not sure, someone who quit meat because they did not like the taste would like it though.

Our Ho-Feel

BareBurger® is a great place for those looking for an eco-friendly burger option. We loved the fact that they have options for everyone, support local producers everywhere in the world, and the beyond burger was a real discovery.

Who said plant-based burgers were boring? We definitely changed our sceptical mind after tasting it.

Recommended for : vegan friendly – locavore lovers – gluten free options

What could have been better: mineral water from New Zealand, why?

Holiable Review Based on our visit in: March 2019

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