Chay Lap FarmStay

Authentic and locally involved

Green Features

  • Bicycle rental
  • Compost
  • Farm to table
  • Recycling
  • Smart lights
  • Smart Water Management
  • Towel reuse
  • Veggie garden

Holiable's review of Chay Lap Farm Stay

Getting there

Chay Lap Farm Stay is located in Chay Lap village only a few minutes away from the entrance of Phong Na Ke Bang National Park.

The Village is quite remote, in the countryside and is not directly connected to the train.
But no worries, the farmstay can pick you up in Dong Hoi train station or airport.

The story of the village is interesting to learn about:
Located in one of Vietnam's poorest provinces. ChayLap village main activities used to be logging and hunting until the area was declared a National Park.
The listing on the world heritage since 2003, has allowed the development of more activities essentially tourism oriented, to this agricultural region.

The Phong Na Ke Bang National Park is a beautiful area with a lot of activities to do, whether you are in for adventure or simply appreciating the landscape.

An eco-friendly farm

Chay Lap FarmStay has it's own veggie farm, and you will happily be able to sleep very close to it.

The farmstay's initiatives to make your stay eco-friendly are simple yet smart and everyone, guests included, is invited to make efforts during their stay

Here are a few examples:

    • Clients are asked to switch off air conditioning when not in their room
    • The farm uses low pesticides, and as little insect repellents as possible (Geckos do a very good job)
    • Water conservation efforts concern smart shower and toilet systems, sink aerators, as well as efforts from staff to clean with as little water as possible (as well as limiting towel and linen cleaning during your stay)
    • Every year the farmstay reduces their energy consumption by 10%
    • The 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) are a daily philosophy, as well as focusing on purchasing durable products


Locally involved

Chay Lap Farmstay is really people oriented.

95% of the staff is native from the village and for a majority of them it is their first job in the hospitality business.

Chay Lap offers English training to all staff members during the low season, to be able to exchange with customers.

What we also appreciated is how they involve and inform guests about the traditions, the etiquette and the story of the village.

Farm to table

The farm stay is located in a remote village surrounded by the countryside.

ChayLap has their own bar and restaurant where you can have meals from breakfast to dinner.

The cuisine is fairly simple and maybe a little adapted for occidental palates, we thought.

In season, the menu highlights the farm's herbs and veggies.

For those who want to reconnect with Western cuisine, a part of the menu can help you do that, but according to us, it is a pity doing so.


ChayLap FarmStay is part of the Oxalis group, which is famous in the region for organizing adventure trips to the national park.
Whether you are planning a 2 day one night adventure or a day visit in the park, we recommend you choose them to guide you along the way.

For those who want to give a hand on the farm, during the season, you're more than welcome to participate.

Bikes are free for two hours per day (sufficient for a little ride in the neighbouring villages) or can be rented if you're willing to use them longer.

Sports fans should love the watersports centre across the road where you can kayak, paddle or "water cycle" during the dry season.

Wellness fans will enjoy their herbal spa.

Our opinion

We were absolutely delighted by our visit to ChayLap FarmStay.
Between the views at sunrise or sunset in the countryside, the peacefulness of the area, the friendliness of the staff, hard to choose what we preferred.

You can feel the implication of ChayLap Farm with the people of the village and their initiatives towards sustainable tourism at every step of their operations.

If you are willing to travel in a sustainable way or simply go somewhere authentic, for us it is definitely the place to go.

Good For: nature lovers, adventure travellers, hiking fans, veggie/ vegan-friendly
Our tip: A lot of treks close during the "rainy" season (October - November), due to flooding risks in the area

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