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Europe – mass tourism platform or sustainable travel paradise?

Europe counts 49 different countries and a population of around 743 Million. As the first tourism destination in the world, European cities regularly hit the headlines on over tourism, but there are still countless possibilities to visit this continent in a sustainable manner.
If you are looking for an accommodation, a restaurant, or an activity that meets the criteria of the sustainable traveller that you are, make your choice easier with Holiable and its selection of eco-friendly tourism businesses.

Travelling sustainably in Europe

Organising an eco travel getaway in Europe could be the easiest place to start if you are new to sustainable tourism. With numerous green cities in Europe, a great train networks in many countries and public transportation, travelling sustainably in the countryside or even in the biggest European capitals is really easy.

Accommodations :

Ecofriendly advice

  • Book your accommodation in advance.
  • Prepay your hotel or bed and breakfast whenever possible.
  • Lodging pricing differ highly from one country to another, do your benchmark and get information on pricing standards before you leave
  • Check the veracity of the comments (and yes, that’s what we’re here for)
  • Respect the sustainable rules of the business in which you are staying.
  • Remember that standards differ from one country to another in Europe, a 5 star hotel in Spain may not be the same as in Denmark.
  • Enjoy!

Food & Drink businesses:

What we recommend to sustainable travellers:

  • Try to eat and drink local, the gastronomy in Europe is as rich as it’s history. In one country, traditional dishes may often differ from a region to another
  • Prefer local restaurants to large chains.
  • Avoid highly touristy districts to find your restaurant.
  • Learn a few words or bring your favourite translation app, not all menus will be available in your language
  • Look what others eat (could make your choice easier).
  • Be aware that the level of service may be different than where you come from and it may be surprising at first
  • Taste and enjoy.

Activities :

Good ecotourism things to know:

  • Avoid amusement parks in their great majority (Wild animals exploitation and fake traditional shows and other tourist traps)
  • Get off the beaten path.
  • Discover the local heritage (cultural, gastronomy, traditions, “all you can think of’)
  • Learn about the history. Europe counts numerous world heritage sites.
  • Make sure you are aware of the weather, climates differ widely from South to North Europe.
  • As in the rest of the world, bring back countless memories, leave nothing but footprints