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West Flanders: coastline & cultural tourism

West Flanders is probably one of the major touristic regions in Belgium.

The west Flanders region has a very flat landscape. The highest point in the area is “only” 159 meters above sea level.

In this region, you’ll enjoy long distance views on sunny days when you”ll be walking or riding a bike in the countryside

With its coastline of 65 km and it’s tramway connecting every city from the French to the Dutch border, the Belgium beaches attract many visitors at every season.

In this region, the most visited historical city is Bruges. The town is a major touristic attraction that can get very crowded during the weekend. Still a must-see world heritage town.

West Flanders was a major battlefield during World War One, especially around the city of Ypres. As a consequence, many visitors gather in the region to visit the cemeteries and pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.