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Bruges, little Venise of the North

Bruges is the largest city of the Western Flanders. This historical canal city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

If you are a fan of historical medieval cities, paved roads, canals, art museums and beautiful monuments you should not miss a visit to the city, nicknamed by many “the little Venise of the north”.

For What Travel Style

Bruges is a romantic medieval canal town, ideal for a city break and a 48-hour visit.

Bruges is a fortified city, crossed by canals with a strong history. The town was a famous trading city and the most influencing harbour of the region for many years

In Bruges, you will have the choice to visit the historical monuments and churches or go up the belfry tower to have a 360° view of the UNESCO listed city.

The city also counts numerous museums, art galleries and antique shops. A flee market takes place every day along the canal.

Walking through the city is probably the best option, but another favourite way to visit the town with another point of view is to cruise its canals. Beware of the crowds; the wait can get long during the weekends.

When walking in town beware of the carriages and bikes, the two other popular transportation options in the city.

Bruges is also a food lovers paradise, if you love chocolate, run to the central plaza, all the major shops are here.

Our tips on Bruges

Bruges counts many parks and secret gardens, hidden behind little doors. Unless the door is closed, don’t hesitate to pop your head and see if you can cross the garden.