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Sustainable Tourism in Brittany

Britanny is one of the main touristic regions of France. It’s coastline is the longest of the country, with a little more than 1000 km and double if you count the islands coast.

If you are looking for an eco-responsible hotel, a locavore restaurant or a sustainable tourism activity that suits your eco-friendly lifestyle, Holiable helps you make your choice through a selection of sustainable tourism activities.

Travelling sustainably in Brittany

Brittany is one of the pioneering French regions in terms of eco-friendly tourism. Many initiatives are taken to make travellers and inhabitants enjoy the region in an eco-friendly way.

In 2012, Brittany was listed in the 150  most sustainable destinations in the world for travellers.

With it’s magical coastline, it’s celtic legends, it’s wonderful landscapes, rich nature and delicious food, Brittany is a great destination for eco-friendly travellers.

Eco-friendly lodging

Our advice to book eco-friendly lodging in Brittany

  • Always prefer direct booking to participate in sustainable, fair tourism practices
  • Natural areas of the region, count numerous eco-friendly possibilities
  • Check the sustainable principles of the accommodation you are staying at and make sure you respect them during your stay
  • Read reviews of sustainable travellers that went there before you, find them here
  • Explore the region on foot, by bike, train or on horseback

Food and Drink

Our tips about Brittany

  • Like many other french regions, the gastronomy here is rich and is part of the heritage
  • Britanny coastline will allow you to enjoy fresh fish and seafood in almost any area of the region. Go to the market, and get it fresh from the boat
  • Experience going out with your hosts to practice foot fishing for clams, oysters and mussels
  • The region has so many options for good food that we could not name them all. Don’t limit yourself to crepes and kouign aman, there’s so many other things to discover


Tips and activity ideas for sustainable travellers

  • The weather can change depending on the tide and you could happen to see a few seasons in the same day, but you’ll always see the sun shine at some point
  • Enjoy the coastline, forests or natural parks, Brittany offers a variety of landscapes and is a fantastic playground to explore untouched nature spots or natural reserves
  • If you are fond of old stones, and small villages, Brittany will be a great region to explore
  • Britanny with it’s huge coast line is also an exciting getaway for watersports enthusiasts. You can surf, paddle, sail anywhere.
  • Brittany is also the home of the worlds oldest standing architecture. You should not miss seeing the Tumulus Saint Michel or other megalithic monuments while exploring the area
  • Celtic Music Fans, should experience the Lorient Interceltic Festival which takes place in Lorient every year
  • Escape in the islands of Brittany for a day or a week. The region counts 800 islands and are great to explore.