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Sustainable tourism in Ile de France

Ile de France or “the Parisian region” is one of the most populated regions in France. It covers 12,000 km2 and includes the departments of Paris, Seine et Marne, Essonne, Yvelines, Hauts de Seine, Seine Saint Denis, Val de Marne and Val d’oise.

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Sustainable travel in Ile de France

Reaching the Ile de France Region is easily for sustainable travellers. All modes of soft and public transport are easily accessible.

Ile de France is a territory that attracts many travellers.

It is actually France’s first tourism region. Rich of an important heritage, it is undoubtedly the department with the most historical buildings and castles. Lovers of architecture, art and history will be delighted.

Ile de France is not only a place for urban travellers. The department has many forests such as Fontainebleau, for example. The cities that make up the region are also well equipped with parks and gardens, like the Capital as we mentioned here.

Sustainable lodging

Eco-friendly accommodation in Ile de France, our advice

  • Book directly with the host, it’s always better
  • Find out about the sustainable tourism principles implemented by your host and respect them during your stay
  • Check the opinions of responsible travellers who have already stayed there (we are here to help you)
  • Don’t forget to rest

Food & Drinks

Our gastronomic tips in Ile de France

  • Like many French regions, gastronomy is part of our heritage.
  • The region is characterized by local produce, consumed throughout France: mushrooms, Asparagus from Argenteuil, Brie de Meaux or Melun to name but a few.
  • The offer of fast good (fast but healthy restaurant) as well as the offer of vegetarian cuisine is very developed.
  • Strolling through the Parisian markets (there are some in all the districts) is a great experience and an excellent activity to taste the local specialities
  • Remember that the level of service is not necessarily the same from one country to another


Tips and activity ideas for sustainable travellers

  • Number one: forget the car and use public transport, the public transport network and trains will make it easier for you

Want to escape the city?

  • To reconnect with nature, visit the parks of Paris. To combine culture and nature, the region’s many castles, state forests and French-style gardens should satisfy you.
  • Most of the hikes to be done in the region are not far from an RER or metro station.
  • Bonus tip, to walk in the city off the beaten paths: the Capital has two long-distance hiking trails.

Heritage, Culture and Architecture

  • The capital has many historical monuments, museums and buildings with remarkable architecture. When you leave the capital, you will not be left behind: between castles or even medieval cities like Provins.
  • As everywhere else, get off the beaten track, visit hidden places, get lost in the streets, the discoveries will only be more beautiful.