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Sustainable tourism in Paris

Nickname the city of lights, Paris, the French capital, is one of the country’s leading tourist destinations.

The most populated city in France and its region welcomed more than 33 million visitors in 2017. Too touristy? Thinking urban tourism and eco-friendly travel are not compatible? We prove you wrong!

The Capital offers many facets, and responsible tourism is developing more and more.

Whether you are looking for a charming eco-responsible hotel in Paris, a farm-to-table or organic restaurant, eco-friendly cultural activities, Paris offers you a multitude of possibilities.

Responsible Travel in Paris

Paris is an easily accessible destination for many travellers.

Whether you want to get there by train, plane or bus, the choice is yours to get to the French Capital. The most exciting thing is that once you are there, you can opt for soft transport modes throughout your stay.

The public transport network (metro, bus, RER, tram) is varied and offers a very comfortable schedule. The shared bicycle service (vélib’), despite a temporary stopover, has returned to town. Moreover, the pedestrian and green paths are becoming more and more numerous.

At the end of the evening, if you wish to return safely and in green mode, we suggest you to favour electric taxis, if you prefer VTCs, we recommend the MARCEL wall lamp for its long-lasting commitment.

Green hotels in Paris

Eco-friendly accommodation in Paris, our tips

  • Book directly with the host; it’s always better
  • The city has charming hotels and several types of eco-friendly accommodation from luxury hotels to youth hostels. The green accommodation offer in Paris is diversified and suits all styles and budgets.
  • Find out about the sustainability practices implemented by your host and respect them during your stay
  • Check the opinions of responsible travellers who have already stayed there (we are here to help you)


Food & Drink

  • French gastronomy is listed on the World Heritage, and in Paris, all regional cuisines are represented.
  • Avoid crowded tourist areas and their entire streets of restaurants. They are far from being authentic. Remember a drummer talking you to get inside, is never a good sign.
  • Fast-good offers are flourishing on every street corner. Eating healthy and on the go is possible, anywhere in the capital.


  •  Culture fans will not know where to turn, Paris is full of museums, exhibitions and theatres.
  • Discovering Paris on foot allows you to explore the capital outside its must-see tourist districts. To help you, we have a few tips:
    • The city of Paris has developed an APP “Ballade Paris Durables”, to discover the city off the beaten track. Available on the Apple Store and Google Store
    • For fans of long walks, Paris is crossed by several Sentiers de Grande Randonée (GR®). The GR-2 Ville offers two itineraries: one of 26 km from the Porte de Charenton to Parc Suzanne Lenglen, the GR-berges of 9 km from the Austerlitz station to the Andrée Citroen park. Since June 2017, a brand new 100% urban GR exists. The GR 2024.
    • Some associations organise visits to the city to discover Paris differently. For example, Paris Ecolo Tours offers eco-walks in different parts of the Capital.
    • Paris is full of covered passages, paths, a way of seeing the city from another angle
    • The capital can also be visited on the Seine
    • Finally, Paris has many parks and gardens, more or less known, as we wrote here