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Amsterdam – eco-friendly travel

Amsterdam is a vibrant urban destination and was nominated European Green Capital in 2010.

If you’re a culture enthusiast or want to crawl in the city’s historic centre, Amsterdam has a lot to offer.

There a many ways Amsterdam is a green city and a great choice for eco-friendly urban travellers.

Whether you are looking for a green hotel, a healthily sustainable eatery or eco-friendly tourism activities, search them on Holiable and read reviews from our team or other eco-friendly travellers.

Getting to Amsterdam

Amsterdam has an international airport and a train station that connects the city to most European capitals.

Once in town, the city is known to be a town where there are more bikes than citizens, is easy to visit using clean transport modes.

A bicycle is a good option, but remember to always stay on the cycling paths where there are some. Traffic can be dense; it may not be a good idea to start cycling in the city if you are not used to it.

You can rent bikes everywhere in the city; some hotels even lend them for free.

Metro and tram also help to reach most of the city’s points of interest and run until late at night. International visitors can buy daily passes in hotels, tourist shops but also directly at the train station. They work by slots of 24 hours, more information here (

Green Lodging

Eco-friendly accommodation in  Amsterdam, useful tips

Book directly with the host; it’s always better

  • The city has charming hotels
  • Like in all main European capitals, don’t expect large rooms, and revise your size standards
  • Find out more about the sustainable principles implemented by your host and respect them during your stay
  • Check the opinions of responsible travellers who have already stayed there (we are here to help you)

Food and drinks

  • The city counts numerous eco-friendly eateries, from high-end restaurant to healthy juice bars and cafés.
  • The city has many farm-to-table restaurants, microbreweries, and many talented young chefs.
  • Amsterdam has a lot of vegetarian, vegan-friendly options


Heritage, Culture and Art of Living

  • Cultural Fans and History enthusiasts should not miss a visit to Anne Frank’s house or the Van Gogh and Reicks museums. Anne Frank’s house visits should be booked online and way in advance. You can also buy your tickets to the museum’s online
  • The Hortus Botanical Garden is an excellent getaway for nature lovers. The collection is impressive, and the restaurant is eco-friendly! Great option if you want to head away from the crowds of the centre
  • Visiting the canals gives another perspective on the city and is a pleasant activity. You’ll have the choice between several cruise companies, from big crowded boats to more private options. If you want to be the captain, choose eco-friendly options like electric boat self-cruises or pedal boats. You can hire them close to Anne Frank’s house.