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Eco Friendly Travel in England

England is part of the United Kingdom. It shares borders with Scotland and Wales

The geography of England is quite diverse, from big cities like London, Newcastle or Liverpool, to hills, plains and mountains.

England has a lot to offer for eco-friendly and responsible travellers, whether countryside fans or urban travel lovers

Whether you are looking for a green hotel, an eco-friendly restaurant or alternative tourism activities, Holiable can help you define what you want to do, by compiling sustainable tourism businesses all around the world.

England Highlights

England is by far the most populated part of the United Kingdom. It represents 84% of the population of the Kingdom.

The country has a strong history of arts, literature and culture in general. It is a great destination for fans of heritage.

If you are more of a nature lover, England will please you as much. You’ll get plenty of sceneries on a road trip through the country, and can visit authentic villages along the way

Green Lodging in England

Our tips to sustainable accommodation in England

    • You’ll have the choice between choosing a bed and breakfast, going to luxury hotels, or glamp in alternative eco travel retreats.
    • Book directly with the hotel owner, they generally all have a direct booking possibility on their website
    • Always check the sustainable practices of the place you are staying at and make sure you respect them during your stay.
    • Check reviews from previous visitors, or give your thoughts on the experience, to help our community organise their trips responsibly

Eco Friendly Food & Drink Businesses

      • England has a simple cuisine and getting together is part of the traditions.
      • More and More farm-to-table restaurants are developing in the area, don’t miss a chance to taste seasonal, local produce.

Activities in England

      • With its a variety of landscapes, England has plenty to offer.
      • Hiking, Cycling, Surfing, can be a great way to discover England’s countryside and coastline