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Sustainable tourism in London

London is one of the most visited cities in Europe.

It’s also part of the most expensive cities to live in. The British capital is recognized around the world for its role in culture, fashion, finance, as well as tourism.

This vibrant capital is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Measured by international tourist arrivals it top’s among the most visited cities of the globe.

Can it be a sustainable tourism hotspot? Let’s dig into it.

Whether you are looking for a green hotel, a healthily sustainable eatery or eco-friendly tourism activities, search them on Holiable and read reviews from our team or other eco-friendly travellers.

Easy to get to

If you are arriving from Europe, London is easily accessible thank’s to its train connections from Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

That makes it pretty easy to get to.

Those who have more time can opt for Ferries that call in Belgium, France and even Germany. However, once you arrive there, get to the Capital by train. Indeed, London is not a car-friendly city and entry fees apply for vehicles.

Once in town, the city has an excellent public transport network. In case you were not aware, metro fees per ride can climb up to 7£, so make sure you choose the best option to pay for your journeys. Oyster cards or Daily Travelers cards exist and are a much better bargain. To select the best option that fits the length of your stay, visit the dedicated page on the Transport For London Site

Green Hotels

Eco-friendly accommodation in London, useful tips

  • London has charming hotels
  • More and more businesses are turning towards sustainable tourism and are packed with eco credentials
  • London is a big city; rooms can quickly get expensive.
  • Do not expect giant room sizes, like in most European capitals, revise your room size standards.
  • Find out more about the sustainable principles implemented by your host and respect them during your stay
  • Check the opinions of responsible travellers who have already stayed there (we are here to help you)

Food and drinks

Sustainable restaurants & eateries in London

  • The city counts numerous eco-friendly eateries, from high-end restaurant to organic pubs
  • The town has many farm-to-table restaurants, microbreweries, and many talented young chefs.
  • The city also counts quite a few markets where you’ll find local producers and authentic places to eat


Things to see in London off the beaten track

  • London is a great town for those who enjoy architecture, culture and history.
  • There are alternative ways to visit the city, you can tours with locals, join a stand-up paddle lesson or cruise on the river Thames on a self-drive e-boat.
  • London is also one of the European cities with the highest count of green space, as we mentioned here