We’ve compiled answers to most of the questions we receive from Travellers. Click on the links below to jump directly to the subject you have questions about.



How much does it cost to register as a traveller?

It’s absolutely FREE and allows you to unlock more features on the site.

What are the benefits of creating a traveller account?

With your traveller account, you’ll be able to share your review on any experience that is listed on the site with other eco-friendly travellers.

You’ll be able to create your very own eco-friendly travel wish list, add notes to remember why you saved it, and prepare your future travels.

By joining our community of eco-friendly travellers, you’ll also be able to access new features before anyone else as they become available.

When I register with social media, can you access my social profile?

Travellers can create a free account using their Facebook® or Google® accounts for a faster registration experience
We cannot access anything else than your public profile picture, your email address and username. Read more in our privacy policy.

Can other members see my profile and favourites?

Your profile is not visible to the other members of Holiable. Neither are your wish lists or favourites. Your picture and username are visible if you review an experience.


I lost my password, how can I change it?

A lost password link is available on the login page – alternatively, click here to redeem your password

How can I change my avatar picture?

To change your avatar, log in to your account, and access your account page.
Click on the edit profile link below your picture. Then follow the steps to change your photo.

Can I change my display name?

Your public display name is defined when you create your account. At this stage, you cannot edit it in your account. Please send us a request via the contact form, and we will assist you.


Why do I have to create an account to review?

We want to make sure traveller reviews are accurate and verified, that is why we require a (free) membership account to be able to add a review

What are your criteria to publish a review?

We created Holiable for the sustainable travel community.
Traveller reviews can help you have a better insight on how eco-friendly the experience was from other members of our community that are as you, conscious that travel needs to have a positive impact.
We want to ensure that the content that is published by our members brings value to you and helps you get more information on the experience from like-minded travellers.
When you post a review, to ease our publication process, we strongly encourage you to highlight the businesses eco-credentials, what initiatives or features made the most sense to you.

Please make sure you send information that is useful to other travellers and that it reflects a recent experience.

How do you make sure the reviews are authentic?

All reviews posted on a hotel, restaurant or activity listed on Holiable are moderated and verified – by real humans – before they go live on the site.

Before publication, in case of doubt on the review’s authenticity, Holiable reserves the right to contact you to give proof of the stay or visit.

If a review is not published, the author will receive a message explaining why we chose not to publish it, and they will be invited to resubmit a review.

Business owners have the right to contest a review’s authenticity and require its removal.
As described in our terms of use for free members, reviews publishing offending content, personal attacks, commercial content, and unauthorised content will not be published. Review the terms.

We remind you writing a review is not made to settle arguments and disagreements with an experience listed on Holiable, and invite you to solve them elsewhere.


Do you only list certified or eco-labelled businesses?

Not all tourism businesses involved in sustainable tourism, choose to invest in certification.

We value all sustainable travel initiatives, from the smallest to be biggest changemakers, that’s why we don’t limit our listings solely to businesses having an official ecolabel.

If a business has a certification, after verifying the information with the owner, we add the information to their business page.

Why are some business marked as tested by Holiable?

As eco-friendly travellers ourselves, we very often test businesses that are on the site ourselves, when we travel. Read more about our reviews here.

When Holiable tests a business, are the owners aware?

We generally blind-test the business and introduce Holible to the owners at the end of our meal, or during our stay, if we have the opportunity.
Holiable reviews are not and will never be ‘sponsored’ (paid for) content and reflect our vision or our Ambassador’s vision at the time of their visit (marked at the end of the review)

If I contact a business listed on Holiable? Will there be a commission?

Our vision with Holiable is to have a fair business approach.
We strongly believe direct booking with the owners is the fairest approach and, as such, do not practice any commissioning or affiliation links on the links we provide you to contact the owner.


I would like to contribute to adding sustainable places I know on Holiable? How can I help?

If your favourite hotel or sustainable restaurant is not listed on Holiable, we’d love to hear about it. You can suggest an experience to be listed on the website, through the share a place form, and we’ll analyse it to see if it fits with our criteria and philosophy.

We are not a regular travel platform listing any hotel or any restaurant in the world, and focus only on tourism businesses that have implemented sustainable travel initiatives.

If your suggestion fits with our criteria, we’ll be happy to add it on the site, and if not, we’ll get back to you to explain why.

Updated : April 2020