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Sustainability tour of copenhagen

Company Description

On foot or by bike take an alternative trip around Copenhagen and discover the sustainable side of the city.

Depending on your interests, the Green Bike Tour Guides, who are all experts in environnement and sustainability will show you what initiatives and solutions have been put in place in the city for a greener living.

From reneable energy, to green roofs or energy efficient buildings to low carbon emission plans for the future.

An alternative way to visit the city of the Vikings off the beaten tracks and away from the tourist paths.

A great occasion to embrace sustainability and understand what solutions can bring to the populations in the future.

Public tours can be done during the weekend, either by bike or on foot. A specific architecture tour is programmed every month. Private tours can be organized depending on your specific interests from 2 to 100 people;

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, Copenhagen - , Denmark
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Opening Hours
Public Tours Bike tour: saturday at 10 AM Walking tour: friday at 3PM
2 hours
Price Range: $$$
from 250 DKK per adult

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