We go further than just listing green tourism businesses by testing some and telling you how we felt about the experience.

Our contribution

We could not imagine developing a sustainable tourism platform without going to the places listed on the website to see if they match our eco-friendly travel philosophy.

We regularly visit places listed on holiable and share our review with you.

Reviews are done by the Holiable team or by members of the Holiable Crew, our term for our eco-friendly travel ambassadors. These confirmed or newly responsible travelers will join us in giving you their feeling on how eco-friendly they found the experiences they visited was.

Holiable reviews can be identified thank’s to the  badge and summarize the experience we had the day we visited the listing.

They reflect our own opinion and will never be influenced by any financial or marketing affiliation.

Our criteria

The points we take in consideration for our reviews all relate to sustainability: the people, the planet, and the profit

Here are a few examples:


  • commitment to preserving the local culture and heritage
  • preservation of the local gastronomy


  • conservation of natural resources and energy
  • actions to raise awareness on the local biodiversity
  • offering seasonal, local produce
  • waste management…


  • favoring local employment
  • offering access to training
  • giving back


Giving a review or a feeling does not make us a certification entity, and guess what:

That will never be our job (many official green certifications are very good at that)

Our reviews and other travelers reviews make eco-friendly travel planning easier.

We created Holiable to :

  • bring you a vision
  • give you green travel choices
  • make your eco-friendly travel planning easier
  • make you discover authentic experiences
  • all in all, make you enjoy your next sustainable holidays!

Powered by our community

Holiable was also thought to give voice to the eco-friendly traveling community, and that’s why all the businesses that are listed here, can be reviewed and commented by travelers that visited them.

If a business you know is highly engaged in responsible travel and is not on Holiable yet, let us know, and we will get working on it.

Suggest an eco-friendly business you know