Each listing on the Holiable website, whether a sustainable hotel, a farm to table restaurant or tourism activity, has a specific section giving you more insights on their eco-credentials or their initiatives towards sustainable travel.

Green features can help you choose your next eco-friendly travel experience depending on what you are looking for or what is important to you.

These eco-friendly characteristics are either listed by the Holiable team or communicated to us by the business owner.

Scroll through this page to view the entire list of green features that you can find on Holiable.

This page will be regularly updated as new green features arise.


  • The business owner rents bicycles to their customers

  • The business owner lends bicycles for free either for the whole day or for a shorter period

  • Electric scooters are available for rent

  • Charging station(s) are available on the site


  • The site has it’s own vegetable garden, either using no pesticides, organic or permaculture methods

  • The food & drinks menu has vegan-friendly options available

  • The food & drinks menu has several vegetarian options

  • Dishes and/or drinks are made of organic produce

  • This business privileges short supply chains for its food & drinks menu, and works directly with farmers in the region where it is located


  • The building was conceived and planned respecting and preserving the environment. Or it has been constructed / renovated using a majority of local material. The materials to build, renovate, or decorate the business, are eco-friendly and sustainable. For example upcycled material, recycled material, and linens, eco-friendly, nonchemical based paints

  • The products used to clean the rooms or wash the linen are nonchemical based

  • The amenities in the bathroom are eco-friendly. Shampoos and soaps are either recycled or only in rechargeable containers. The toiletries can also be “clean,” meaning that they are made of a majority of natural ingredients, do not contain controversial ingredients or can be 100% organic

  • This business uses or serves fair trade products

  • Bed Linen and or Towels are ethically sourced and made from organic material



  • At least 90% of the staff comes from the surrounding cities & villages

  • the business is committed to helping others, either through their own foundation, local actions, or by committing to donate part of its sales/benefits to charities or environment preservation


  • The building uses renewable resources for its energy purposes

  • Rainwater is harvested and reused throughout the property to limit water usage

  • Towels and bed linen are not changed on a daily basis, except at the demand of the customer

  • The business has implemented carbon compensation for its operations

  • The lights used throughout the building are low consuming lights

  • The owners have put measures in place to reduce water consumption throughout the building

  • The swimming pool is chemical free


  • Measures are taken to limit waste in the property. For example by reducing packaging to a minimum or serving very little to no single-use products

  • Onsite selective sorting and recycling. Sometimes, selective sorting bins are available in the customer’s rooms

  • The owners have a strong “low food waste” philosophy, either by using food scraps in the kitchen, offering unsold food at reduced price or donating it

  • Organic waste is composted on site or through local partners

  • The business serves no plastic bottles. In countries, where the water is not potable, that means, water is filtered on site and served in glass bottles