Ethical & EcoFriendly

Green Features

  • Fair trade
  • Farm to table
  • Local staff
  • No plastic bottles
  • Organic food
  • Vegan friendly
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Zero waste approach

Company Description

The latest eco-friendly eatery of Kamilou just opened in the Arts Loi district which makes it the 4th location of Kamilou in Brussels.

Among the principles of Kamilo is ethical and healthy dining, get ready for :

  • Healthy and organic cuisine, with many vegetarian and vegan preparations. And an all veggie menu on Thursday’s
  • Use of fresh, local products whenever possible, and always organic from drinks to snacks

Another main part of the philosophy of Kamilou is giving a chance to everyone through socioprofessional integration.

Kamilou made one of its core concerns to hire so-called ‘different’ profiles.

The Arts-Loi restaurant is open from dawn to dusk and welcomes those working in the European district as much as families with kids.

A place that is multi-cultural, decorated with objects from all over the world and painted with frescos by local artists.

The upcycled furniture has been transformed and gives a friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant also offers takeaway meals that will be served in your own containers or in biodegradable packaging.

Pre-packaged products are reduced to a strict minimum, as is the use of plastic.

Did you visit “Kamilou”?

36 rue Joseph II
, 1000 Brussel - Brussels Capital, Belgium
Get directions
Public transportation
Metro Station: Arts Loi
Opening Hours
Daily from 8:30 to Late at night
Price Range: $

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