Magasin Général

Bordeaux's eco-friendly canteen

Green Features

  • Eco-construction
  • Fair trade
  • Green cleaning products
  • No plastic bottles
  • Organic food
  • Recycling
  • Smart lights
  • Smart Water Management
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Zero waste approach

Company Description

Located on the right bank of the Garonne River, the Bistrot ‘Magasin General’ is the rendez-vous of eco-friendly people living in Bordeaux.

It is also the official restaurant of the Darwin ecosystem, the green hub of the city, featuring an urban farm, a skatepark, coworking spaces, and regular exhibitions.

The Bistrot is certified organic and serves a gourmet, zero-food-waste, and locavore cuisine.

From kitchen to plate, and floor to ceiling, everything here is done to prepare healthy, tasty, and affordable dishes in a friendly and comfy atmosphere.

Organic drinks, coffee roasted on-site, organic beers brewed locally, vegetarian dishes and vegan burgers, the range is extensive and suitable for everyone.

Brunch aficionados made it their rendez-vous on Sundays.

Last but not least, the restaurant also has its very own organic grocery store at the back, practical for an eco-friendly shopping session after lunch.

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87 Quai des Queyries
, 33100 Bordeaux - Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
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Opening Hours
Monday : 8:00 Am - 06:00 PM Tuesday-Wednesday: 08:00 AM- 07:00 PM Thursday-Friday 08:00 AM - Midnight Saturday: 08:30AM- Midnight Sunday: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM lunch service at noon and 2PM
Dinner service at 7:30PM & 10PM
Sunday Brucn at 11:30AM and 2PM
Price Range: $$

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