Virtual Tours available for free

Many countries have asked their residents to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak to protect themselves and others.

To help you escape during your home office or school breaks, we’ve gathered 15 experiences in the world that you can visit from your screens.

From museums to national parks and even dry caves, you’re welcome to hop on our travel from home journey.

1. Château de Fontainebleau – France

Virtual tours of Chateau de Fontainebleau

© Holiable

One of France’s most renown castles, located 60 km from the French capital, is participating in the culture at home (#culturechezvous) initiative launched by France Minister of Culture.

The Chateau de Fontainebleau will share podcasts, videos and exhibition pieces during the whole lockdown period on their social accounts.

Virtual Tours of the Castle can be taken through Google Arts and Culture platform

2. American National Parks

US National Parks Virtual Tours

© Frances Gunn via Unsplash

For those dreaming of road trip through the US National Parks, you can explore them thanks to the Google Arts & Culture Platform.

5 US national Parks can be visited from the famous Bryce Canyon to the Lava fields of Hawai’i volcanoes for a walking and guided tour with a ranger.

3. Met Opera, brings it’s music to your home

Met opera live stream

© - Blehogoaway via Wikimedia Commons CC BY S.A. 3.0

Founded in 1883, New York City’s Metropolitan Opera want to brighten their audience lives and bring culture in their homes.

Every day, a Live Opera on-demand streaming will be released on their website at 7.30 PM EDT.

The streams schedule will include complete performances from the past 14 years. The schedule is available on the Met Opera’s website and streams will be available for 23 hours.

4. British Museum, London

British Museum virtual tour

© viktor-forgacs via unsplash

Known as one of the oldest public museums, the British Museum of London collections are among the most important in the world. During the stay home period, the museum remains accessible digitally.

A few galleries can be visited online, directly on the British Museum Website, or thank’s to Google Street View.

As well as through the Museum of the World Project, allowing you to browse the museum’s collection from prehistory to present on an interactive timeline.

And for next time you can visit London yourself, inspire your stay with our list of eco-friendly places to stay in London.

5. Le Louvre, France

Le louvre virtual visit

© -canmandawe via unsplash

France’s number one museum in Paris, Le Louvre, gives access to three of its galleries through virtual tours.

You’ll be able to choose to visit the Egyptian Antiquites collections from the pharaonic period, the remains of the louvre’s Moat or the Appollon Gallery destroyed in 1661 by a fire and rebuit by Le Vau.

6. Walk the Great China Wall, from your couch

Virtual Walk on Great China Wall

© Rita Chou  - Unsplash

The Great Wall of China is  visited by 15 million people every year. You can easily take a virtual walk on it’s most visited sections in the comfort of your home.

7. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian virtual tours

© – Quinn VillaReal - Unsplash

Washington D.C.’s Museum of Natural History has several virtual tours accessible online from current, permanent and past exhibitions.

There’s choice for everyone in the current exhibitions among which the Butterfly Pavillion to understand the evolution of plants and butterflies throughout times.

8. Victoria Museum, Melbourne, Australia

Victoria Museum at home

© Wikimedia Commons – Public Domain

Melbourne’s Victoria Museum has launched a museum at home initiative. The project allows visitors to connect  and take virtual visits of the museum’s collection or go behind the scenes with museum experts.

Victoria Museum also has a whole lot of educational content for those doing school from home  as well as podcasts of the fact detectives, for curious kids.

9. The Rijks museum, Amsterdam

Rijks museum virtual visit

© – Hjalter Gregerson - Unsplash

For a dive in Amsterdam’s number one museum, head to the Rijk’s Studio  which gives you the opportunity to brows through of 650 000 pieces of the Rijks Museum collections.

The museum also offers multimedia tours on to do on your phone through their app. Learn more here.

For your next stay in Amsterdam, for a in-person visit to the Rijk’s, sleep at Conscious Hotel – Museum Square

10. The Sistine Chapel, Rome

Sistine Chapel virtual tour

© Agathe Depine - Unsplash

The famous Sistine Chapel can be visited virtually from home including worlds most famous ceiling artwork “the last judgement” by Michelangelo.

11. Virtual Yosemite

Yosemite Virtual

© Pablo Fierro - Unsplash

Another famous US National Parks can be visited from home.

This virtual tour of one of USA’s most popular park gives you access in 360 degrees with sound to over 200 locations within Yosemite and its surrounding areas. Start your visit here.

12. World Largest Dry Cave in 360°

Son Doong Cave Virtual Visit

©  – Oxalis Adventure Tours

The world’s lagest cave, located in the Phong Na Ke Bang National Park of Vietnam is only open to a few lucky visitors per year since 2014.

Touring this 9km long cave, is usually only accessible one a 7day/6 night tour, with certified adventure travel companies, like Oxalis Adventure Tours.

Thank’s to a National Geographic initiative, you can virtually visit this UNESCO classified site, which is so huge that it has its own jungle and river.

13. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum virtual tour

© Luca Lago Unsplash

Founded in 1973, Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is the largest collection of the world of Van Gogh’s Works. It counts over 200 painting, 500 drawings and 700 letters.

The virtual tour allows you a 360 degree visit as if you were in the museum yourself. 49 featured “stories”, are also available to learn more about some of the most significant artpieces in the collection.

14. Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal virtual visit

© Bharath Reddy Via Unsplash

India’s most famous landmark, and UNESCO world heritage site, that is occasionally hit by overtourism can be visited from home.

A virtual tour allows digital visitors to walk through 22 different areas of the monument and garden in 360 degrees.

15. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Interactive tour

© Daniel Pelaez Duque – via Unsplash

For a refreshing virtual dive, head to the great barrier reef for an interactive tour in 5 chapters. It will give you an indepth visit of this incredible ecosystem covering 344,400 square kilometres.

In addition to videos, the tour built as an expedition is a great education tool to understand this fragile ecosystem, its specificities and how you can get involved to protect it.

Are you aware of other virtual tours or digital experiences becoming accessible to brighten our  #stayhome days ? Share them in the comments !

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