Walking Holidays: 10 hiking trails you shouldn’t miss

Walking Holidays 2019Walking holidays are a great way to discover a region, connect to earth and nature, and take the time to disconnect.

It’s also an excellent form of slow travel that you can do almost anywhere in the world.

To help you find your next walking holiday destination, we’ve selected some of the most jaw-breaking hiking trails around the world, whether you are a beginner or a hiking master.

1. Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc Hike

Where: France, Switzerland, Italy
Distance: 168 km
When to go: mid-June to Mid September

This circle route around Europe’s highest peak is one of the European hikers’ favorites. Passing through France, Italy, and Switzerland, several itineraries are possible depending on your level.

Taking ten days for the full route gives plenty of time to appreciate the region’s fauna and flora. Although some trail runners finish it in less than four days.

You can hike the tour du mont in full autonomy, provided you bring your camping gear. The best season to visit is early summer, when the trails are not too crowded, and mountain cabins are open.

2.Chaukhi Pass Trail

Chaukhi Pass Trail

Where: Georgia
Distance: 25 km
When to go: July to September

Georgia being one of our best places to go for eco-friendly holidays in 2019, we could not miss mentioning a walking trip around its beautiful mountains.

This trail passes through what local nickname the ‘Georgian Dolomites.’ From Juta to Roshka, you can choose a full day hike or an overnight option.

This trails highlight is the Abudelauri lakes overlooking the Chaukhi Pass at an elevation of 3431m.

3. West Coast Trail

West Coast Trail Pacific Rim

Where: Canada, British Columbia
Distance 75 km
When to go June to September

One of the most famous hiking trails in North America is the West Coast Trail in the Pacific Rim National Park.

This 5 to 7-day backpacking route is known to be very difficult. It’s 75 kilometers will take you through over 100 ladders, deep mud, and rivers.

This trail for expert hikers can be shortened to a 3-day experience for the less adventurous. The national parks of Canada recommend reading their preparation guide to be ready for this epic adventure.

Reservations are required as only 26 hikers per day can access the trail.

4. Inca Trail

Inca Trail Peru

Where: Peru
Distance: 43 Km
When to go: May to September

This route is one of Peru’s most iconic trails. It will lead you from Cusco to Machu Pichu in 4 days and represents only a small part of the 22 500 km network of trails that were constructed by the Incas.

You’ll see ancient ruins, magnificent views, and end in the Macchu Picchu. Bookings on the official Macchu Picchu website are recommended, as only a limited number of hikers are allowed per day. Make sure you get there a few days before to acclimatize to the altitude.

5. Laugavegurinn

Laugavegurinn Hike

© Chmee2/Valtameri — CC BY 3.0 - Wikimedia Commons
Where: Iceland
Distance: 54 Km
When to go: June to mid-September

Meaning the road of the hot sources, this trek selected as one of the best in the world by National Geographic is one of the hikers favorite to view authentic Iceland and jaw breaking landscapes.

The trails are very popular during the sumer lights period. With huts along the way for your nights, volcanoes, lakes and springs, it’s definitely something to add on your bucket list.

6. Doi Luang Chiang Dao


Where: Thailand
Distance: 12 km
When to go: anytime

Doi Luang Chiang Dao in northern Thailand is the country’s third tallest peak,  and some say it is the most beautiful.

The hike known to be quite easy is located in one of Thailand’s biggest biodiversity reserves and will take you through jungles, vines and cherry blossom trees depending on the season.

Possible in a one day or an overnight formula, this hiking trail can only be walked with a guide.

7. Torres del Plaine

Torres del Plaine Hike

Where: Chile
Distance: 150 Km
When to go: December to February

Starting from Punta Arenas, the southernmost city in the world, this 10-day trek in the middle of the Torres del Plaine Natural park is a landmark of the country.

The full trail called the “O” is 150km, a shorter version, the W allows you to have 80 km route only. You’ll need an expert guide and will sleep in campings along the way.

8. West Highland Way

Walking Holiday Uk

Where: United Kingdom
Distance: 154 km
When to go:  June to September

The longest walkway of the highlands is considered as one of the best hiking trails in the United Kingdom. Get ready for a walk taking you from Milngavie close to Glasgow all the way to Scotland.

You’ll see lochs, mountains, rivers and rest at night in one of the many B&B’s along the way.

9. Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Where: New Zealand
Distance: 53.5 KM
When to go: late October to late April

Declared as the “finest walk in the world” by the Poet Blanche Baughan over 100 years ago, this trail has since then attracted many hikers and has become New Zealand’s most famous walking destination.

The trail goes through mountain peaks, lakes and valley views, on a walk where you’ll cross suspension bridges, boardwalks and mountain passes.

You’ll need 3 to 4 days to complete the whole journey. Autonomous hiking is possible but camping is prohibited and will need to book your overnight stays in the cabins along the way.

10. Grand Canyon Rim to Rim


Where : United States
Distance 38 km
When to go: May to October

How about visiting the grand canyon from another perspective. Rather than taking a Canyon shot for your Instagram feed take an epic hike from the north rim to the southern one.

A challenging trail that the national parks website recommends to be trained for even if it can be accomplished in a day.

The promise to see magnificent rock formations and end your day on the banks of the Colorado River should convince you to put it on your bucket list.

How about you, what’s your favorite hiking trail in the world ? Have you ever hiked one of these ? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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