Travel essentials: 5 travel apps you should have in 2019

Best apps for travelli

We all have plenty of apps on our phones. We sometimes tend to do a spring cleaning and only keep the ones we use the most. Better for our battery, and for the planet.

When it comes to travel, somes apps have become so essential, that we could not imagine travelling without them. Here’s our selection of 5 of our best apps for travelling.

1. : find your way anywhere


The days where you had to choose between using your data abroad or losing yourself in a town you are not familiar with are over! is the ideal app for those who need to get directions wherever they are in the world without and the beauty of it, is that it works offline and it is free.

All you have to do is download the map of the country or city you want in the app (preferably on wifi of course) and then you can use it wherever you are, even on the smallest tracks.

You can even calculate itineraries, the time you need depending on your transport mode, and save your favourite places.

Download Maps Me on the App Store or on Google Play

2. : reliable exchange rates

exchange rate app

Whether you’re heading to the restaurant, going shopping or simply wanting to check the exchange rates in the country you’re visiting, a reliable exchange rate app is really an essential to have in your pocket.

Xe updates rates every minute, you can memorize your favourite currencies and the major advantage is that it is available offline.

Download XE for iPhone or Android


3. Accuweather: this app can save your day

If you’re looking to go on a trek for a few days, it’s always good to have weather predictions with accurate information on rain, wind or snow

AccuWeather gives hourly forecasts on precipitations which can be handy if you’re planning a day out. And it works offline!

Download it here for iPhone or Android


4. Rome2Rio: one destination, several possibilities

Want to go from point A to B, but don’t know all the options you have in terms of transport.?

Rome2Rio gives info on how to get to a city with different transportation options. Ideal to check how long it will take and if there is another option than the plane.

Download Rome2Rio on the App Store or on Google Play


5. Google Translate

Google Translate

Essential to help you out, when you are trying to order or ask your way in a country where you and the person in front of you cannot communicate in the same language

The app even allows to translate text from pictures and works offline for 59 languages. Maybe it will help you next time you’re looking at a menu in Vietnamese 😀

Download it for Android  or for iPhone


BONUS : Magic Hour, the app for sunset lovers

If you don’t want to miss that #goldenhour pic, download MagicHour, it will tell you when sunrise is, sunset and even when the moon will rise

A great app for those who love doing there shots during those hours where the light is at its best

The free version only allows to use only one location at a time. Another fun feature is you can create alerts to never miss that golden hour.

DOwnload Magic Hour for  iPhone


Our last tip: Of course we couldn’t recommend more than having a cloud or drive app’ to keep you copies of your bookings, flights and id’s safe.

How about you? What’s the app you can’t travel without? Share it with us in the comments.



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