Green Hotels

Did you know there are more than 200 eco labels in the hospitality industry?

Some travelers like to stay in certified lodgings; they see this as a guarantee that the place they are visiting is green.

All eco-friendly hotels are not necessarily certified, mainly because committing to a certification procedure is an investment in time and money.

While we do not not list only certified lodgings, we still think this information is essential and do let you know if the owners listed on our website are accredited by a recognized label.

If you are part of the travelers for which this kind of eco-label counts, or if you just want to know better which ones exist, we’ve prepared a recap on which labels and certifications you will find the most on Holiable, and what they certify exactly

International eco-labels


green globe certificationGreen Globe

Certifying accommodations in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe and America, Green Globe is a primary green certification standard for hoteliers in the world. Active since 1999, the certifying standard takes environment, social and economic, cultural aspects of tourism businesses into account on 44 different criteria. Recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, it has three different levels green, silver and gold and is renewed every year. Read more about green globe

Green KeyGreen Key

The GSTC recognizes this eco-label which is volunteer based. Any accommodation can apply to be certified by this international label, from hotels to campsites. Green Key also approve restaurants, conference centers, and activities. Green Key operates in over 50 countries and to date, over 3000 companies have been certified. Read more about green key

Earth Check

One of the most widely used certification programs in the tourism industry. Earth Check certifies accommodations on their energy consumption, waste management, green product use up to the engagement in the development of local communities. More on Earth Check

Green Tourism

Mainly active in the UK, this standard exists since 1998 and awards hotels, restaurants and Attractions in other parts of the world. The certification has three different levels that are awarded to businesses for two years according to their environmental, social and economic commitments. Read more about green tourism

Travel Life

Travel Life for accomodationsis an international certification scheme operating in 50 countries. Lodgings are assessed on all pillars of sustainability.

Biosphere Tourism

Biosphere Tourism is an international certification scheme from the responsible tourism institute, that certifies sustainable hotels, destinations, campsites and tour operators, among others. Their certification standard bases itself on the economic, socio-cultural, and environmental commitments of the bussinesses they certify.

Local or Regional Green Labels in Tourism

These labels are only for some areas of the world or specific countries

European Ecolabel for Tourism

This is the voluntary based labeling scheme of the European Union. Accommodations awarded with this standard have low energy impact, limit their waste production and promote environmental practices in their lodgings. It is the only green label officially recognized across the European Union.


This german hotel association label guarantees hotels serve 100% organic food, beverages and use only clean cosmetics

Europe also count a number of different eco-labels specific to a country :

  • The first national tourism eco-label was created in 1996 in Austria
  • Green Line Hotels guarantees sustainable hotel management in Germany
  • Luxembourg have their own ecolabel since 1999 for accomodations in the country
  • Eco Certification Malta is a program for hotels and farmhouse accomodations in Malta and Gozo, recognize by the GSTC since 2012

Fair Trade Tourism

Fair Trade Tourism operates in African countries to support accomodations but also activites in the tourism industry. The organisation assesses the environmental social and economical efforts of the businesses and audits them on a regular basis.

eco tourism australia

Eco Tourism Australia  is a certification scheme for accommodations and activities focused on nature-based tourism.  The three levels are nature tourism, ecotourism and advanced ecotourism. Licensees are awarded for a period of one year

Green certifications also exist for green destinations, clean beaches and harbours or eco-friendly restaurants. With over 200 specific labels, we of course could not state them all, but will be updating this article regularly to outline those that are found the most on the platform.

Holiable is an eco-friendly travel planner helping you find sustainable hotels, green restaurants and ethical tourism activities around the world. Holiable was developed to share experiences, advice and reviews on sustainable travel, making it easier to prepare your next eco-friendly holiday.
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