what is glamping

You love camping but want to have an experience that is unlike anything you have ever experienced before?

More original, often unusual, today we talk about glamping, a form of camping that combines nature, comfort and eco-consciousness.

Glamping: a glamorous version of camping

Glamping explained

As you may have guessed, glamping is the combination of the words glamorous and camping.

A form of responsible tourism in nature that combines luxury, comfort, nature and respect for the environment and raises the standards of camping.

Without totally breaking with the classic camping and while preserving its authenticity, this tourism trend makes it possible to discover unique areas and to live in designer accommodations, made of noble and environmentally-friendly materials.

Nature holiday with a touch of luxury.

A not so new phenomenon

It is common to read that glamping first appeared in England about 12 years ago.

In France and other European Countries, accomodation owners, whose geographical location was not particularly popular, saw this as an ideal opportunity to develop an innovative  formula that would attract a rather well-off and nature-friendly clientele.

But the origins of glamping really go back to the beginning of the last century.

When wealthy explorers travelled from Europe and America to Africa to study certain animal species, they often had to spend long months away from home.

At that time, they had already adopted tents made of luxury canvas to limit the inconvenience caused by their extended travels abroad.

A concept for nature lovers

eco camp patagonia
"Ecocamp Patagonia"by Greg Headley is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

This luxury camping concept, which is very popular throughout Europe (particularly in Austria and Germany), is designed for campers who enjoy unconventional and unusual experiences.
The glamper is a camper for whom comfort and quality of life are of great importance, but not only.

He wants to be in the heart of nature as often as possible, whether for a short stay or an extended holiday, but does not want to give up the chic and comfort of his home.

Glamping and eco-consciousness

The glamper is known for his tendancy to be eco-friendly at home as well as on vacation.

For example, he is sensitive to the eco-labels of a hosting site and as no problem in implementing actions to preserve the environment, such as shortening the time spent in the shower to save water.

In addition to an immersion in the heart of nature, the glamping enthusiast is also looking for a comfortable service: a cosy bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a private bathroom, a flat screen, maintenance service, maybe even a spa experience, and wifi.

Nature holidays and luxury, compatible?

No tents to set up, no sleeping bags to unwind, no worries about installation or supplies, glamping combines the facilities usually found in a hotel, while staying in close contact with nature.

You will find almost all the options offered by a hotel or cottage, for a camping experience with elegance and modern comfort.

What also characterizes glamping is the type of accommodation, often unique, or surprising.

The choice is vast:

A majority of glamping sites, put eco-conception and respect of the environment at the heart of the concept. To preserve the sites they are implemented in, and to respond to their guest desire for nature-friendly accomodation. And their green features, generally go beyond just the conception of the rooms.

This trend of green holidays, which combines nature and comfort, has a bright future ahead and the offer of eco-friendly glamping is constantly growing around the world.

Have you ever done glamping? Share your exeprience and tips  in the comments.

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