Microadventures : great escapes at your doorstep

adventure travel at home

Some say adventure travel is only reserved to exotic destinations. That it takes time, and thus would only possible during a long-haul escape.

In a time where travellers are getting more and more eager to reduce the footprints of their travels, would adventure travel become reserved to those who travel the world by bike?

What if we told you adventure travel can start at your doorstep?

That there is no need to go to the other side of the world to have exciting experiences and create unforgettable memories.

Nor do you have to wait until the summer holidays to let your adventurous nature express itself.

Today we’re diving into a travel concept that is gaining momentum around the world, called micro adventures.

Micro adventures, giant escape


Why would it be essential to change time zones to embark on an adventure?

It is from this questioning that the concept of micro-adventures was developed.

Micro-adventure is a pocket adventure, short and easy to develop.

A refreshing, economic moment that allows us to make discoveries or rediscover our environment, anywhere, starting at our doorstep.

Moments, which do not necessarily require going very far, and which often rhyme with escaping in the wild.

The idea is to break the routine through an experience that brings satisfaction, that does us good.

The man behind microadventures

The initiator of this concept is an author, lecturer and above all a great British traveler, Alastair Humphrey.

Before developing his idea of a micro-adventure, he experienced great adventures.

  • He cycled around the world
  • Crossed Iceland and India on foot
  • Completed the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert
  • Rowed across the Atlantic

In 2011, National Geographic awarded him the title of Adventurer of the Year, not to highlight his impressive curriculum as a traveller but to reward the creation and implementation of his concept of micro-adventure, which is a philosophy to reinvent ones daily life.

What Alastair says is “ you know your 9 to 5, what can you do between 5 to 9.”

Basically the concept he highlights is that a micoadventure can start when you step out of the office live an adventure and be back at 9 the next morning.

Through his book, he explained how he enjoyed himself finding ideas for micro-adventures to live close to home and encouraged all those who love adventure and escape like him to do it.

Micro-adventure and sustainable travel

Because it often invites you to immerse yourself in nature and does not require you to make major trips, micro adventure is a concept that is easily adopted as a sustainable traveller.

It is perfect for those who have decided to reduce their number of air travel, as it is often practiced in their own region or neighbouring states.

Ideas to start your next microadventures

microadventures ideas

Between sporting adventures or nature outings, micro adventure can be expressed in many ways.

  • Glamping for a weekend in the surrounding countryside
  • Improvised picnic at night to observe the stars
  • Swimming or paddle in the surrounding rivers
  • Impromptu camping with the kids
  • Cycling the region by taking the greenways
  • Walk a nearby long-distance hiking trailture and spend the night in an inn
  • Bivouacing in nature
  • Visiting the countryside from above on a hot air balloon trip

The concept of micro-adventure is also to simply get out of the ordinary, by taking an activity that you practice regularly and changing it to give it an adventurous side.

The trend is gaining popularity all over the world, and the only limit to practice it is the imagination. And if you’re lacking ideas, more and more, micro-adventure websites are coming out to help you find what you’ll do next.

Have you already practiced micro-adventure? Come and share your experience in comments.

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