Ocean Jewels

Sustainably Sourced Fish Delight

Green Features

  • Eco-construction
  • Farm to table
  • Local staff
  • No plastic bottles
  • Organic food
  • Zero waste approach

Company Description

Ocean Jewels in Cape Town opened a fishmonger and Deli in 2012 and promises you’ll eat the freshest and most sustainable fish in town.

Located in Cape Town’s lively Woodstock district, Julie the Owner, caught the love of fish from her father who was a fisherman.

Her passion for sustainably sourced fished gave birth to a deli, open on weekdays, where the catch of the day will be transformed for customers delight into burgers, bowls and salads.

Ocean Jewels was created for customers who care about how fish is sourced and globally where produce comes from.

Holiable's Review of Ocean Jewels Deli

General presentation

Ocean Jewels is a restaurant located in CapeTown's Woodstock district.

A neighbourhood filled with eco-friendly stores and innovative, environmentally friendly businesses.

It offers its customers freshly caught seafood and has been providing home delivery on Thursday's for some time now.

The restaurant is open on weekdays for lunch from 11am to 3pm.

If you value where your products are sourced and qualitative food, Ocean Jewels is a perfect choice.

Values and concept

Julie Carter, the founder, gets her love for fishing and fresh fish from her father, a former fisherman in a small South African village.

It is in this vein that she decided in 2012 to launch her own restaurant to promote quality and sustainable products.

The core value of Ocean Jewels is to meet the needs of consumers who want to eat more responsibly, and value local produce they have on their plate.

Julie Carter and her entire team are very attentive to every step of the process, from the catch to the plate.
They know how the fish is caught, how it is processed, and how long it takes to get to the kitchen.

The restaurant is supported by the SASSI (SOUTH AFRICA'S OCEANS ARE UNDER THREAT) initiative.

It aims at denouncing unsustainable fishing practices that threaten ecosystems and endanger many marine species.

What's in my plate?

If you like fish and seafood, you'll find it at Ocean Jewels.
The restaurant offers a wide range of choices in terms of fresh fish, and the menu depends on the morning's catch.

For those who like healthy food, the restaurant also offers Bowls and Poke Bowls with salmon, tuna or squid.
The more gourmet, will love the fish burger or wrap options on the menu.

Our opinion

We had the chance to taste a few dishes, such as a Poke Bowl with salmon and fried squid, and we were thrilled by the delicacy and quality.

We loved the atmosphere and ambience of this place in the heart of a lively working neighbourhood. The area around the restaurant is delightful, with many shops promoting sustainable manufacturing of their products.

We also really appreciated the closeness of Julie Carter and her team to their customers. Julie is full of energy, passionate about her work and knows the taste preferences of her customers.

Special mention for the furniture, all locally crafted, used by Julie for the design of her restaurant. But also for the almost zero use of plastic in her restaurant.

Our tip: the à la carte dishes are served in small portions; hence the relatively low prices displayed (between 2.5 and 6.5 euros).

Recommended for: local cuisine, sustainable fish restaurant, fresh produce, pleasant atmosphere, proximity to customers.

Reviewed by Holiable ambassadors Les Consomm'acteurs

Holiable Review Based on our visit in: January 2020

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68 Albert Road
, 7925 Cape Town - WC, South Africa
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