Plastic Whale

Cruise & Clean the Canals

Green Features

  • Gives back
  • No plastic bottles
  • Zero waste approach

Company Description

An alternative way of visiting the Amsterdam Canals with a positive impact.

Not only will you experience the city by boat, but you’ll be an actor of the change.

Plastic Whale has the particularity of organizing plastic fishing cruises in Amsterdam.

These two-hour excursions, during which you will actively pick plastic from the water with your net, will take you into some of the most beautiful spots of the city.

A great way of seeing the city center from the water, away from the overcrowded areas, and doing your part to clean up plastic waste.

Last but not least, Plastic Whale is a social enterprise, with a circular approach :

  • All the plastic picked-up in the canals during the cruises is recycled and transformed into office furniture or new plastic fishing boats.
  • The company is also highly implicated in raising awareness of plastic pollution through their foundation.

All the equipment is provided

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33A Le Mairekade
, 1013 CB Amsterdam - NH, Netherlands
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2 hours
Price Range: $$
25€/ person
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