Pur Etc

Healthy, Local & Zero Waste

Green Features

  • Farm to table
  • Recycling
  • Vegan friendly
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Zero waste approach

Holiable's review of Pur Etc


The concept of Pur etc, was born in Strasbourg and now exists in Paris and it's region
The idea: offer healthy farm-to-table dishes to-go or on site

In short, the perfect translation of the fast good concept.

Locavore Lovers

Here you'll eat fresh, seasonal, homemade and especially local produces.
Sometimes organic (95% of pastries are organic), and often from sustainable agriculture.

Pure etc., only works with local producers and without intermediates. It's fair and transparent and you can feel it in your plate.

So what's for dinner?

Pure etc, offers a simple, seasonal and healthy cuisine and meals that adapt to everyone.

    • For flexitarians: well-raised and good quality meat
    • Vegetarian and vegan options from starter to dessert
    • Lactose and gluten-free sweets
    • Fair trade coffee and tea

The menu is short and changes with the seasons and we like that.


Here being eco-friendly does not stop at what is in your plate, it is also a global circular approach.
let's see:

    • a zero waste approach:
      Here you can eat on the spot in glass jars, drink from real glasses and eat with real cutlery
      What if I get something to take go? the goodidea: jars are returnable, cutlery and straws are made of biodegradable plastic, napkins from recycled paper
    • I sort, you sort, we sort:
      Here the staff is proud to do selective sorting and invites you to participate, once you've finished your meal.
    • Returning to earth:
      Pur etc found a creative solution for their organic wastee. Producers who deliver the fresh produces, go back with the peels and compost them in their farms

Our opinion

Eating on the go (but not too fast, it's bad for digestion), in season and see a menu change regularly, we like it.

But what we like best is when it's good, and it was.

For us, Pur Etc is a true example of Fast Good and we appreciate even more because it is circular and does not only concern your plate.

An address to remember, for a lunch or a healthy break in town. And the icing on the cake: there are 5 in Strasbourg and several in Paris and its suburbs.

Good for: Circular, Healthy, Gluten-free options, Organic pastries, Veggie/vegan friendly
Our tip: Zero waste food tray deliveries possible to brighten up your next meeting in town.

Did you visit “Pur Etc”?

25 Rue Sedaine
, 75011 Paris - Île-de-France, France
Get directions
Public transportation
Bus Stop : Richard Lenoir
Metro Station: Breguet | Voltaire
Bike Station : V'Lib Froment Breguet
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 22:00 Saturday - Sunday: 10:30 - 22:00
Free wifi
Take away
Wheelchair access
Price Range: $$
Payment methods:
Other payment methods:

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