Qbic Brussels

Comfy, Green & Inspiring

Green Features

  • E-car friendly
  • Gives back
  • Green amenities
  • Green cleaning products
  • No plastic bottles
  • Organic linen
  • Recycling
  • Smart lights
  • Smart Water Management

Company Description

Imagine your next eco-friendly citybreak with under the same roof: a place to relax, eat, have a drink, and sleep peacefully? That’s what the Qbic Brussels combines.

Located in the Ixelle Neighbourhood, it’s ideally located and easily accessible by metro or tram.

As soon as you enter you’ll naturally head for the Motley, the hotel’s restaurant and bar, thought as a place to chill, eat or have a drink. It’s menu, highlights local ingredients essentially, with many veggie friendly options.

You’ll also like the daily “waste not” menu, dishes freshly made using ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.

Each of the 148 rooms in this ecofriendly hotel is energy efficient and LED lit. The water provided is filtered and the shower is equipped with a smart water management system. You will sleep in beds with organic and hypoallergenic mattresses, which promise a great night sleep.

Extra treat, the hotel rewards the ecotraveller’s gestures by offering a free drink at the bar to guests who choose not to have their room serviced.

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15 Paul Spaakstraat
, 1000 Brussel - Brussels Capital, Belgium
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Public transportation
Metro Station: Louise
Tram Stop : Bailli
Certifications or Ecolabels:
Price Range: $$$

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