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Visit Etna with a Nature Guide

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Going to Sicily without visiting the Etna would be a pity.

Visible from Catania's main shopping street, Etna reigns supreme over the region.

3330 meters high, this giant, the largest volcano in Europe, but also the most active is very visited by tourists coming here.

Most visitors tend to choose the 'mass tourism" option which means taking a bus to Sapienza and a ride on a 'tourist train' around the volcano.

How about a much more pleasant and eco-friendly alternative. You've just found it

What to expect

Sabbia Lavica is the association set up by a nature guide named Nunzio. This expert in geology and nature will take you on a tour of Etna with a focus on its geological specificities.

He will make stops in little-visited areas in this extraordinary natural space and will tell you the stories of the region.

Best of all, excursions are done in small groups, equipment (helmet and flashlight to visit the caves) is provided, and Nunzio will bring an interpreter if you do not speak the local language.

Depending on the weather, you will climb from the North or South.

Sabbia Lavica also organizes excursions to the baroque cities of Sicily, or excursions by bicycle.

Our opinion

A pleasant and enriching experience. We learnt a lot about this giant of Sicily and the biodiversity around it.

The only way for us to visit Etna in an eco-responsible way

Recommended for: nature lovers, authentic hikes


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, Catania - Sicily, Italy
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