Valverde Eco Hotel

Green Features

  • Bicycle rental
  • Farm to table
  • Green amenities
  • Green cleaning products
  • Local staff
  • No plastic bottles
  • Recycling
  • Renewable energy
  • Smart lights
  • Smart Water Management
  • Veggie garden

Company Description

Located in Gauteng region, Valverde Eco Hotel is a three-star hotel which since 2012 has implemented green initiatives to reduce its energy consumption and waste impact.

With a total of 25 rooms, all decorated with taste and spread out in different buildings around the site, the hotel is enjoyable and relaxing.

Tables are set up in front of the restaurant and throughout the various green areas of the property, allowing you to make the most of the South African nature.

Valverde Eco Hotel is also well known for offering the possibility to organize events such as conferences, meetings or weddings.

The hotel has a restaurant offering a variety of dishes, a large swimming pool and a spa.

Holiable's Review of Valverde Eco Hotel

How to get there

Valverde Eco Hotel is located in the town of Krugersdorp in South Africa, about 30 kilometres from the big city of Johannesburg.

The hotel is easily accessible by car from Johannesburg Airport. It takes approximately 45 minutes.

Philosophy and presentation of the location

The site was founded 17 years ago by a Spanish man personally engaged in the preservation of the environment whom we were lucky enough to meet, Joaquin.

For him, reducing the impact of his tourism site on the planet as much as possible is essential as well as involving his team and raising customer awareness on environmental issues.

In its early years, Valverde Eco Hotel was nothing more than an ordinary event hotel. Then, 8 years ago, Joaquin implemented several initiatives to reduce the hotel's carbon impact and turn it into an entirely eco-friendly hotel.

Many green initiatives

Within the hotel, many projects have been carried out to make guests enjoy their stay while having a positive impact on the planet.

These include:

    •  Numerous solar panels that provide clean and sustainable energy for the entire establishment.
    • Solar bowls to heat the water in the rooms and pool in an environmentally friendly way.
    • An aquaponic farm that combines plant and fish cultivation. The hotel's restaurant offers local, fresh and high-quality products.
    • A recycling system where all waste is collected, sorted and reused.
    • A water-saving system: the water flow rate of the hotel's showerheads is lower than traditional showerheads, and the toilets are equipped with a system that reduces the consumption of flushing water by half. Also, the water consumed is reclaimed to irrigate the hotel's plants and fields.
    • Worm farms improve the site's compost system by ingesting and disposing of waste more efficiently.

Thanks to all these green initiatives developed, Joaquin is reducing the energy consumption and waste rate and raising awareness among its staff and customers of a global ecological conscience.

Our opinion

We really enjoyed spending three days and three nights in this hotel. The rooms are spacious and charming, the gardens are very well maintained, the service is excellent, and the restaurant is delicious. It is a great place to rest for a few days. It is also the perfect place to work, the Wifi is excellent.

We were able to test two rooms in the hotel. To us, those in the main building are more charming to those located in the garden.

We recommend this location rather than a hotel in the heart of Johannesburg, which is a city that is not very busy at night.

Recommended for: pleasant and relaxing place, nature lovers, local food, event organization

Reviewed by Holiable ambassadors Les Consomm'acteurs

Holiable Review Based on our visit in: February 2020

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